Wisata Alam Kawah Papandayan

Glimpse Of The Crater Papandayan

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Glimpse Of The Crater Papandayan

Physical environment and Attractiveness
Attractions that are worth visiting in Garut regency is located 28 KM Papandayan crater southwest Garut City. Papandayan crater is still active volcanoes, erupted first record in August 1772, when it was spewing bathtub amount of material several kilometers into the air, with the lives of more than 3,000 people and buried 40 villages around the volcano. High volcano which is 2,665 above sea level.

Papandayan traveled to the crater which is still active is a very unusual experience. Mas crater is a crater in the middle of the dome with a width of approximately 150 meters. The crater roared like jet engines. It takes about 20 minutes walk to get to the middle of the crater of the parking area. Number of fruit Crater Papandayan there are 14, each crater emits smoke different, some white, some are colored gold.

Towering rock
From the peak we could see the beautiful scenery that sulfur smoke coming out of the mouth of the crater. Around the crater where the air is quite hot but very cold, it's because of the temperature that comes out of the mouth of the crater is hot and cold natural weather conditions. Papandayan beauty can be enjoyed from the crater as well as the beauty of the flower beds near Eidelweiss (Anaphalis javanica) in Saladah cottage not far from the area of sulfur.

Tourist attraction is one of the components of tourism products that have significant value in attracting number of tourists. Papandayan crater has a tourist attraction that is very interesting because it is an active volcano that uniqueness is not owned by a similar goal in Garut regency. Some of the crater of the volcano can be seen from a very close distance and not endanger visitors / tourists. Very different from the other craters in West Java except Mount Tangkuban Parahu, so that visitors can experience the exciting and satisfying in understanding natural phenomena such as volcanic activity. This puts the position of the volcano as tourism Garut regency belle. As a nature conservation area, the volcano has appeal with supporting nature reserve and natural park which has a variety of flora and fauna, including such rare vegetation and Animal Saninten deer, Javan Hawk-eagle, monkey, and Surili. Another attraction is the volcano owned tourist activity which has a moderate level of difficulty to the challenge like to see the sights and scenery mountains, craters, forests, and flora and fauna, photography, research and education in the nature reserve, picnic and camping in nature parks, as well as tracking, mountain climbing.

Facilities and Infrastructure
Means / tourist facilities can be quite adequate, because the volcano tourist destination is a conservation area, so that the construction of tourist facilities are limited. However, in a conservation area still allowed the tourist facilities in certain zones with certain types of activities. In laying the volcano tourist facilities already in the buffer zone types such as kiosks / stalls, parking lots, shelters, guard posts, toilets with sufficient quality

Infrastructure conditions both in quality and quantity in the volcano is still said to be quite adequate. Inadequate conditions on the infrastructure in these tourist destinations such as the power source capacity is low (less than 900 KWH) to facilitate a broad area and its distribution does not exist. Then the distance of the source water is relatively deep and there is no good Takan using septic tanks. Optimal utilization of the water distribution. The sewage system both solid and liquid said to be good with using a septic tank.

Access to the volcano can be considered very good. Good condition is due to reach the area of ​​the volcano provided adequate access to good quality with more than 5 m wide and paved, as well as the public transport public transportation, traditional transport and taxis with frequency often. Distance from the volcano area Capital District including near about 9 KM and 24 KM from the Capital District with good road conditions and facilitate the achievement of personal and public transport users.